10 decisive reasons to choose SP-EXPERT

Why SP-EXPERT is the most clever software for workforce management

1. 360-degree solution

SP-EXPERT offers you everything that you need for all-round success in workforce management: an efficient personnel scheduler, easy time recording and time management and comprehensive controlling.

The first part of every good workforce management approach is to determine basic needs. Therefore, SP-EXPERT first helps you to look into the future with forecasts and predict your personnel needs precisely. Based on this data, you can schedule your personnel utilization in an uncomplicated way and in the interests of your employees. The workforce management software optimizes the economical utilization of your personnel with a flexible time recording and time management system that is independent of the place and time of the work. Thanks to goal-oriented controlling with planning, evaluation and reporting solutions, SP-EXPERT provides you with transparent analyses – which are the basis for successful personnel scheduling.

2. Transparency and information

All relevant key indicators are transparent, available at a glance and legally conformant: This is precisely what SP-EXPERT enables, and it provides for greater satisfaction. For you and your employees.

The workforce management solution from Interflex has a number of clever functions and features. Not only can the software be used to process and administer master data and movement data very easily. All of the data relevant to you and your employees can be viewed in standard reports or in reports adapted to your needs. SP-EXPERT always monitors your personnel scheduling to ensure that it meets all legal wage and protection gujidelines, and it automatically indicates any violations.

3. Cost reduction

Having the right employees at the right time and place is the art of good personnel scheduling and the goal of every business. And there is good reason for this: Because optimal utilization of available personnel can save costs quickly and effectively.

With SP-EXPERT you always have all of the information relevant to planning, so that you can schedule your personnel sensibly, flexibly and efficiently. You can quickly detect peaks in demand and react to them instantly. Overtime hours are reduced. And unproductive and idle times are avoided as are times with mandatory additional renumeration. The results: a fast increase in return on investment and more added value.

4. Maximum flexibility

Shift operation, new worktime models, changing work locations – the work world is subject to constant transformation, and personnel scheduling is becoming increasingly more complex. That is why businesses need a solution that offers an answer to all scenarios. One like SP-EXPERT.

The workforce management software from Interflex adapts optimally to your needs and requirements. If necessary, you can create parameter sets within SP-EXPERT – programming is not necessary. In addition, SP-EXPERT supports all modern multi-shift and multi-schedule scenarios. Even in the case of flexible worktime models, it thereby enables economical personnel scheduling.

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5. Can be used throughout the business

Regardless of whether your business is in the Healthcare, Aviation, Contact Center, public service or an entirely different sector – SP-EXPERT offers the right solution for nearly every every industry and business.

That is because the workforce management software is based on tailor-made modules that enable implementation of any concept. They not only cover traditional personnel scheduling and time management, but also strategic consulting on worktime management and other advanced solutions in the time recording area.

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6. Individual configuration

Every business is different and sets its own standards for a workforce management solution. SP-EXPERT takes this fact into account: The software from Interflex is flexible and can be fully customized to your requirements.

Whether it involves different types of renumeration, collective bargaining agreements or different legal frameworks due to business sites in multiple countries – in SP-EXPERT it is easy to set up all necessary legal guidelines and any number of wage agreements and individual work contracts. And if your requirements should change, you can modify and extend your settings according to your wishes at any time by parameter setting. Does not require any programming knowledge.

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7. Easy expandability

Innovative worktime models, unconventional contracts, new legal regulations: The requirements that you place on your workforce management software change over the course of years, but your solution stays the same.

That is because SP-EXPERT can, as necessary, be adapted and extended to cover new situations and scenarios. A modular structure enables this. For instance, the software can be used flexibly in the areas of demand forecast, automatic personnel scheduling, time management, time recording and data evaluation or as a comprehensive solution.

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8. Efficiency gains

The theme of efficiency defines nearly the entire work world – in the end, it often decides whether a business is competitive and remains so. While the possibilities are often already exhausted in machine processes, with regard to workforce management there is usually still optimization potential.

A potential that you can discover and utilize in an instant with SP-EXPERT. With its automated planning, the intuitively operated workforce management solution not only saves valuable time, but also guarantees – thanks to its detailed demand analysis – better personnel coverage and avoids unproductive times – for increased efficiency and thereby better profitability.

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9. A decade of experience

Interflex has been developing, producing and marketing combined hardware and software systems for efficient workforce management since 1976. This includes the clever solution SP-EXPERT at a later time.

Based on its constantly high quality and reliability from many years of experience, SP-EXPERT has made a name for itself on the market and has been one of the leading solutions in workforce management and personnel scheduling for more than 25 years. Worldwide, SP-EXPERT has already been implemented 1,000 times.

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10. Global partner system

With SP-EXPERT you not only have a clever workforce management solution at hand; you also have a network of strong partners at your side. Some of them have already been active in support for SP-EXPERT for more than 25 years.

Our experienced product, solution and technology partners are familiar with the requirements and stipulations of individual regions. This creates the basis for a joint understanding about the desired solution, so that internationally active enterprises can utilize a central solution. The specific regional requirements for personnel scheduling are then modified and provided in the data model.

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