Time management with SP-EXPERT: less expense, more control

The reliable system for businesses

Administrative activities in Human Resources departments are growing due to more flexible work times and wage changes. A modern time management system like SP-EXPERT handles the majority of this work for you and promotes trust and satisfaction among your employees with its reliable accounting of work times and supplements.


Full integration

For many employees, a personal worktime account is an important instrument for checking the number of hours they have worked, and its correct accounting therefore assumes great importance. A time management system that avoids errors effectively in time recording and accounting is SP-EXPERT.

The software solution from Interflex not only considers the accounting parameters of a wide variety of wage agreements; it also takes all legal and company-internal guidelines and agreements into consideration. Even if you rely on a proven accounting program for wages and salaries in your business, you can utilize the time management of SP-EXPERT. That is because it can be integrated seamlessly into your system structure, and it supplies all data relevant to accounting – quickly, reliably and precisely.

Time management – entirely automatic

Simple recording of hours worked, error-free accounting and uncomplicated administration of balances of account – these are just a few areas in which the time management of SP-EXPERT leads to greater control, transparency and thereby higher satisfaction.

The system computes work times and supplements automatically. It not only offers relief to employees in your Human Resources department; it also prevents recording and computational errors. In addition, the system integrates your employees in processing corrections. For instance, if you have forgotten to log in or log out of work, you can do modify this at any time in the framework of flexible approval processes. This makes corrections, evaluations and maintenance of master data more flexible and convenient.


Plan work times in advance

In conventional time recording systems, an employee’s hours worked are documented, computed and administered – not so in SP-EXPERT. The solution from Interflex does much more than that.

With SP-EXPERT you can plan work times in advance based on your personnel scheduling – along with all wage-rated, legal and company-internal accounting parameters. The work times of your employees can be planned and controlled very precisely over a longer time period. This enables you to avoid altogether expensive provisions for accumulated overtime hours.

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