Time recording with SP-EXPERT: convenient, flexible, audit-compliant

A software tool for all needs

The work world is in transition: Because more and more businesses are trying to address the needs of their employees in the best way possible. Not only are work times becoming increasingly more flexible; completely new intelligent worktime models are evolving. Whether trust-based flextime or home office work options – the latest developments require a new type of time recording and therefore also a software tool that offers a solution that meets the associated challenges. One like SP-EXPERT.


Time recording independent of place and time

Every business wants a uniform time recording process for all of its employees. But often a number of factors makes attaining this goal difficult, such as off-site work assignments and changing business sites.

SP-EXPERT fulfills this standard for mobility. The time recording system can be used as either a stationary system or as a web solution. This allows it to generate precise documentation of time bookings at any time and at any place. Regardless of whether full-time, part-time or incidental employee relationship, SP-EXPERT makes time recording a uniform process for all employee groups. This reduces the administrative tasks in your human resources department while enhancing your accounting security.

360° workforce management

Flexible and easy time recording forms the basis for effective personnel scheduling: With SP-EXPERT you can also utilize the resource of work time efficiently in the case of extraordinary models; the software gives your employees more transparency with easy-to-understand worktime accounts, and it does so regardless of the size of your business.

That is because your workforce management solution should be just as unique as your business is. SP-EXPERT time recording is a central component of a professional and modular product lineup – that is set up for your workforce management and your personnel scheduling according to your requirements. We always supply you with an entire package: competent consulting, project management and installation of your individual system.


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