Save costs with optimal personnel scheduling

The software solution for every requirement: SP-EXPERT

The largest potentials in the value creation process have been exhausted in the areas of automation, logistical adaptations and system support. However, they most still control their own costs and keep them as low as possible to remain competitive. For many, the Human Resources area represents an opportunity to improve efficiency. With the clever SP-EXPERT system, you can schedule your personnel effectively and thereby save costs.

Satisfied employees by optimized planning

To bring your needs and the interests of your employees into harmony is one of the greatest challenges in personnel scheduling, and yet it is a very effective way to create more value and have satisfied employees.

SP-EXPERT helps you with clever functions and consideration of all economic, wage-related and legal aspects in optimizing your personnel scheduling. And the software from Interflex gives you tailor-made approaches for actions like making worktime flexible, integrating new worktime models and involving employees in scheduling responsibilities. The results: more employee motivation and higher productivity.


Professional personnel scheduling

Semi-retirement, new worktime models, changes in the working world: Personnel scheduling is becoming increasingly more complex. SP-EXPERT, one of the leading planning instruments, simplifies creation of the optimal personnel schedule.

The software solution assists your personnel planners in meeting all requirements – whether they relate to employee qualification, personnel needs for the planned time period, worktime law guidelines, wage regulations, company-internal service agreements or employee wishes. And SP-EXPERT enables quick and uncomplicated processing of schedules with an easy-to-understand presentation of all relevant information.


An array of clever functions

To simplify your planning, SP-EXPERT has many practical help functions and planning assistants. You can use a roles approach to define different planning stages and access options.

Regardless of whether you just want a quick overview of all information relevant to planning, want to quickly change your personnel scheduling or want a prediction of the effects of schedule changes in the future, SP-EXPERT offers you crucial advantages in personnel scheduling. Especially practical is its automatic checking of the schedule for legal and company-internal violations as well as automatic planning recommendations according to predefined criteria.


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