A reliable view into the future: Personnel demand assessment with SP-EXPERT

Lower costs and shorter response times - thanks to needs-based planning

Whether it's a late arrival at the airport, an unusually high occupancy rate in the hospital, or a sudden call flow in the contact center - indipendent from business sectors, a company's staffing needs can vary greatly at very short intervals. In order to find a good balance between cost-effectiveness and the satisfaction of customers and employees, it is important to balance these fluctuations with professional planning. The clever workforce management solution SP-EXPERT ist the solution.

Optimal control of personnel deployment

Creating a reliable human resources forecast is a major challenge for many companies and yet a crucial component on the way to greater profitability. Only those who know their personnel requirements exactly can react to fluctuations in the short term.

The analysis of personnel requirements involves many different company and industry-specific factors as well as their relationship to one another. The workforce management software SP-EXPERT, in combination with historical data such as sales already generated, telephone calls made in the contact center from all relevant demand drivers and forecasts, determines the expected workload - even with short-term changes at the touch of a button.

Reduce staff costs with good forecasts

A well-founded prediction always lays the foundation for successfull workforce planning, ideally refering to the shortest possible period of time. Predicted workload and factors such as productivity are of key importance here.

SP-EXPERT, the clever software solution from Interflex, not only continuously compares the calculated workload with the actual workload and hours required, but also the expected performance with the actual productivity. The collection of this data creates a certain "self-learning effect", so that gradually an increasingly finely scaled system for ever more precise calculations of personnel requirements develops.

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