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The powerful employee portal of SP-EXPERT

In personnel scheduling, achieving the right balance is crucial: Because for businesses it is no longer sufficient to just schedule your personnel based on demand. Employee interests are playing an increasingly more important role. This development makes the task of personnel scheduling many times more voluminous and complex. Providing relief in daily routine tasks is the Employee Self-Service (ESS) employee portal. Whether it involves a vacation request, time correction or swapping of shift – the solution from SP-EXPERT enables your employees to access their time data and structure their internal processes far more transparently and efficiently.


More responsibility for your employees

Employee Self-Service integrates your employees into numerous planning processes quite easily. This accelerates and simplifies internal workflows, making them more transparent for all of those involved.

The SP-EXPERT system can be integrated into existing Intranet or employee portals, and it offers numerous practical functions. For example, employees can use it to store desired work times, query time balances and input or correct time management data. The specific authorized personnel manager can process all requests in an uncomplicated and timely way, while Employee Self-Service gives the manager a detailed overview of all information relevant to a decision. Employees can always view the current status of a request.


Satisfaction by trust

Employee responsibility for maintaining worktime data offers crucial advantages to both businesses and the employees themselves. Correction tasks are minimized, it eliminates employee inquiries about incorrect worktime balances – and your Human Resources department gets tremendous work relief.

Employee Self-Service also provides the foundation for a good work-life balance for employees – by giving them insight into the work roster and their own time accounts and by the opportunity to help to shape the work roster themselves. This co-determination gives employees more responsibility and creates more satisfaction and identification with your business based on the employee appreciation it generates.

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