Personnel controlling and reporting: shape the future today

Know, decide, be successful – with SP-EXPERT

Is the service schedule optimal, or are there points where it gets stuck? This question plays a key role in personnel management. Comprehensive personnel controlling is required to give a well-founded answer and enable solid decision-making. Therefore, it is important for your Human Resources department to efficiently manage large quantities of data and have changes on short notice flow into the data set with little effort. This is a task that has become increasingly more challenging and information-intensive in recent years – and a task that SP-EXPERT makes easier.

Comprehensive analysis, reliable forecasts

Productivity by cost center, faulty times, revenue per employee – the SP-EXPERT reporting module can provide you with all of the relevant data at any time for a systematic analysis and forecast.

All evaluations are based on the latest data from SP-EXPERT and are the foundation for all steps in strategic and operative planning. This efficient personnel controlling provides the foundation for successful and future-oriented actions for managers, planners, those responsible for Human Resources and other decision-makers in the business.

Decision-making made easy

To make a well-founded decision, it is essential to have a thorough analysis of all business-specific indicators in advance. You can generate such evaluations easily and quickly with the Reporting Module of SP-EXPERT.

They can be defined through a convenient interface by your Human Resources employees or as an immediate evaluation by the end user and can be transferred to any commonly used business intelligence software. This enhances the relevance of the information and thereby accelerates your ability to react. In addition, decision risks are minimized, and decision quality is increased.


Detailed reporting by intelligent functions

SP-EXPERT possesses a wide range of clever tools for this comprehensive reporting: The controlling software, for instance, distributes and archives your data fully automatically based on preset rules.

Moreover, you can individually compile desired personnel indicators, combine employee master data, wage types and work roster data and evaluate planning quality. All of these functions offer you crucial advantages: Reporting with SP-EXPERT helps you to avoid personnel bottlenecks, quickly recognize plan deviations, boost work productivity and last but not least increase employee satisfaction by transparent processes.

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