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Extraordinary efficiency and unimagined flexibility: Personnel planning with SP-EXPERT

On-call models, physician scheduling and strategic work time management: The control of personnel resources in healthcare is an extremely complex and time-intensive activity, and it can hardly be managed manually these days. Assistance is provided here by our clever and proven solution SP-EXPERT, which you can use to schedule your personnel based on needs – flexibly and efficiently.

More time for your patients
Greater satisfaction of my employees
Boosted efficiency in your personnel planning

Your benefits with SP-EXPERT at a glance:

  • Automated planning – simple and effective
  • Conformity to guidelines and regulatory systems
  • Avoiding personnel bottlenecks
  • Minimizing sources of error
  • Time savings in planning
  • Higher value creation
  • Employee satisfaction by Employee Self-Service

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Need-based personnel planning

The topic of efficiency in personnel planning plays a key role in daily work in Healthcare – since valuable time can be saved by good organization. Time that benefits your patients, in particular.

Personnel planning with SP-EXPERT simplifies many aspects of your work processes. Reports with valid indicators are available very quickly, and all commonly used accounting systems can be linked to the workforce management solution smoothly. Positive time recording and complex consulting services also round out the comprehensive solution approach of SP-EXPERT.

Qualification-based personnel planning – without any bottlenecks

Having the right employee with the right qualifications at the right time and place poses a challenge that you must meet every day in personnel planning in Healthcare.

That is because, for one, personnel costs in Healthcare are by far the largest factor in overall costs. On the other hand, personnel bottlenecks can have fatal consequences. With SP-EXPERT, we give you a workforce management solution that you can use to plan for your personnel – systematically, efficiently and future-oriented – and thereby avoid understaffing situations.

The easy way through the wage jungle

Minor changes often have large consequences. In new wage agreements, it is often difficult to estimate their effects. What will their effects by on the individual employee? And how will overall costs be impacted?

SP-EXPERT delivers quick answers to such questions in the time management functionality integrated in the workforce management software. You can use it to set up comparisons between old and new legal wage regulations. This gives you a forecast of expected costs even before new regulations take effect.


Audits and accounting based on legal guidelines

Wage agreements, work time regulations, protection guidelines: There are many legal guidelines to be considered, especially in Healthcare. Clever clients therefore choose SP-EXPERT, which automatically monitors all of these requirements and immediately notifies the user of any violations.

For instance, the workforce management solution can be used to fully automate complex accounting scenarios such as the computation of overtime hours per TVÖD, computation of shift and alternate shift allowances and determination of compensatory leave. In SP-EXPERT, all necessary legal guidelines and any number of wage agreements and individual work contracts can be set up very flexibly. Naturally, they can be modified and extended at any time without programming knowledge – simply by modifying parameters for requirements.

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