Professional personnel planning for Contact Centers

More transparency, success and employee satisfaction – with the workforce management software SP-EXPERT

Today, it is no longer sufficient to perform pure shift planning and a good analysis of supply and demand to survive in the Contact Center market. Tough competition and a highly specialized workforce require a comprehensive solution like SP-EXPERT, which is as unique and flexible as your business. The workforce management software from Interflex offers you transparency and quality on all levels. The result is better customer loyalty, the acquisition of new customers and thereby more success overall.


More success in a tough, competitive market
More planning security for the future
More satisfaction for your employees

Your benefits with SP-EXPERT at a glance:

  • Full integration into existing systems
  • Modular solutions by industry experts
  • Simple, automated planning
  • Time savings in personnel planning
  • Need-based personnel utilization
  • High level of value creation
  • Employee satisfaction by Employee Self-Service

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Deal with unexpected events flexibly

Process optimizations and productivity increases have also long become a strategic concept for Contact Centers. Playing a particularly decisive role here is precisely need-based utilization of employee resources.

The workforce management solution SP-EXPERT assists you in complex planning processes and creates the necessary transparency and efficiency in personnel scheduling. If unforeseen events should still occur, SP-EXPERT supplies you with all of the data you need to quickly and flexibly manage this challenge.

Well-based decision-making

How does your company look for the future? How should your employees be integrated into planning processes? And what actions are best suited to gain customer loyalty over the long term? To answer these questions diligently, you need a detailed look into your processes.

The workforce management solution SP-EXPERT provides you with all of the data relevant to this – from preferred time periods to shift assignments and availabilities. A model that suites your requirements is worked out with experienced consultants. So that you can make the right decisions – and not only in the daily operative business, but also with regard to your mid- and long-term strategic alignment.


Personnel scheduling for the future

At Contact Centers, qualified employees are crucial for further development and thereby for success. However, personnel costs also account for a large share of overall costs. Therefore, it is always important to find a good balance in personnel scheduling.

SP-EXPERT provides you with all of the relevant information you need to be able to optimally simulate various scenarios. In creating a business plan for the next year, for example, it not only makes your budget easier to define, but also helps you to make well-founded decisions on the ratio between full-time employees to part-time employees and students that is best for your business and how many new employees will be needed at what time.


Satisfied employees

Employees want planning security. But this, in particular, is frequently not the case in Contact Centers. The consequences: Your employees feel stressed and are dissatisfied over the long run.

A proven workforce management system that helps Call Centers to relieve this pressure is SP-EXPERT. With the solution from Interflex, you can implement your personnel planning better and can therefore give your employees more planning security. Transparency exists on all levels, which provides a sustainable motivational push.

Clever personnel planning by more transparency

But not only do your employees benefit from more transparency with SP-EXPERT; they too are also decision-makers. The software solution gives you a quick overview of the value creation of your projects – and indeed regardless of the time point.

Along with conventional time recording systems, the personnel planning software also uses many web-based applications and ACD systems, for instance, to acquire all relevant data. They are then automatically processed and prepared in suitable formats. This lets you generate comprehensive reports in an instant and identify critical data faster.


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