Uniquely efficient personnel planning for airports and logistic companies

Master all logistical challenges cleverly with SP-EXPERT workforce management software

Personnel scheduling by airports and logistic companies has become increasingly challenging in recent years. There are many reasons for this: Not only has passenger volume grown continuously; check-in and security checks are becoming more time- and work-intensive due to stricter regulations. Logistics companies are under enormous cost and competitive pressure. Careful and flexible personnel planning, as is enabled by the SP-EXPERT workforce management solution, is therefore indispensable.


More leeway to accommodate short-term changes
More time for more passengers
More efficiency in personnel scheduling

Your benefits with SP-EXPERT at a glance:

  • Easy planning – fully automated
  • Time savings in personnel scheduling
  • Need-based personnel utilization
  • Employee satisfaction by Employee Self-Service
  • Monitoring of legal guidelines and conformity to them
  • Avoidance of errors
  • High level of value creation

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Smooth work flows

Long wait times and delays in air traffic or logistics not only test the patience of your passengers. Your personnel also suffer their effects and feel confronted continually by stressed customers.

These situations should be avoided by efficient and flexible personnel scheduling on the part of airport operators, airlines, ground crews and transportation businesses as well as for security services. SP-EXPERT workforce management software assists you with clever functions and automatic features, so that you can assure smooth work flows in daily traffic.


Take charge of short-term changes in personnel needs

Of course, delays can still be avoided completely on the streets either in the air, train and boat traffic. They necessitate frequent and short-term changes in personnel needs, which employees in personnel scheduling must master within a short period of time.

SP-EXPERT provides you with a comprehensive solution for this. When flight delays occur, the workforce management software from Interflex gives you a quick overview of the available personnel and their qualifications. Based on this information, you are always able to re-deploy your personnel according to requirements in a timely way.


Automated personnel planning

Efficiency and flexibility are two crucial factors in personnel planning for airports and logistic companies. That is because they are decisive in achieving the goal of becoming and remaining competitive.

All tasks always need to be performed on time, at different locations, at minimal costs and for different areas of activity. The workforce management solution SP-EXPERT, upon which over 50 airlines and airports already rely, offers you optimal personnel scheduling at competitive costs and gives you the opportunity to synchronize intermeshed processes and thereby ideally utilize your personnel.


A simple and safe working environment

Throughput time, range, inventory turnover, replacement time, on-time delivery, delivery readiness level, incorrect delivery rate and complaint rate are decisive key figures in logistics, which are influenced in particular by employee satisfaction and productivity.

With SP-EXPERT you can not only increase the productivity of your employees by up to 18%, but you can also cut the administrative burden of resource planning by up to 80%. With the workforce management solution you create e.g. long-term demand forecasts based on predicted freight volumes and target productivity - and that easily and securely. In addition to laws, tariffs, company agreements and special regulations, the qualifications of the employees are also included in the planning. Warnings prevent violations and point out necessary training.




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